LOS ANGELES – California Democratic Party Asian Pacific Islander Caucus Chair Clark Lee released the following statement on the 20th Anniversary of the Los Angeles Riots:

“On behalf of the California Democratic Party Asian Pacific Islander Caucus, we remember the how far Los Angeles has come since April 29, 1992, ‘Sai-I-Gu’, one of the most destructive civil unrests in history, during which crimes and violence ravaged rampantly through the streets of Koreatown and South Central neighborhoods, flames engulfed small shops and office buildings alike, helpless store owners defended against vicious looters, and vulnerable residents devastated by fear.

“The Los Angeles Riots was a defining moment in the historic transformation of Southern California. As we mark the 20th anniversary of the Los Angeles Riots, we cherish the resilience of our diverse neighborhoods that have rebirthed Los Angeles block by block, from the ashes of the Riot to the vibrant multicultural community today. We see the effects of proactive leadership of Angelenos and our leaders who have worked hard to restore and maintain harmony. We have seen the change in the relations between law enforcement and the community. This wasn’t easy, and there is more to be done.

“Diversity is the strength of Los Angeles and is the strength of California. We must continue to strive for racial tolerance, embrace diversity, and fight for economic, social, and civil justice and equality for all Californians so the events of 1992 do not repeat anywhere in any neighborhood.

“We can all get along if we all stand together, work together, and fight together for our common future. This is California, and this is our home.”

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