LOS ANGELES / SACRAMENTO – The California Democratic Party (CDP) Asian Pacific Islander (API) Caucus today announced the launch of the California Democratic Party’s Chinese-language website section, making the California Democratic Party the first State Party in the nation to have such a feature online.

“The Democratic Party is the Party of diversity, of inclusion, and opportunity. While Democrats are decades ahead of our Republican counterparts when it comes to reaching California’s diverse communities, we’re not going to rest on our laurels. That’s why the California Democratic Party’s Asian Pacific Islander Caucus undertook this first of its kind effort to create a Chinese language section of the California Democratic Party website. This is but part of our continuing outreach efforts to the Asian Pacific Islander community, the fastest growing immigrant population in California,” said Clark Lee, Chair of the California Democratic Party Asian Pacific Islander Caucus.

There are over 400,000 Chinese-American voters in California and an estimated 20% of that total request a Chinese-language ballot from the Secretary of State.

The addition of a Chinese language section makes the California Democratic Party the first state party in the country – either Democratic or Republican – to host a Chinese language section. The addition also means the California Democratic Party is host to the first tri-lingual state party website in the nation since a Spanish language section was added in 2009.

Lee continued, “California is a state rich in diversity. The Golden State is home to the largest concentration of Chinese Americans in the United States. We hope that the Chinese-language website section will help foster better understanding about our Democratic Party values and increase Democratic political engagement in the Chinese American community.”

The translation project was spearheaded by Tommy Tseng, community activist and former Editor-in-Chief of Harvard Kennedy School’s Asian American Policy Review; Charity Chao, community activist and Chinese-language educator; and Clark Lee, CDP API Caucus Chair. All of whom are fluent in Chinese.

Click here to visit the California Democratic Party Chinese-language section: http://www.cadem.org/chinese



洛杉磯/ 薩克拉門托 – 美國加州民主黨 (California Democratic Party / CDP) 的亞太裔黨團 (Asian Pacific Islander Caucus / API Caucus) 今天宣布推出加州民主黨網站的中文部分。加州民主黨成為美國第一個有這類網站功能的州政黨機構。

加州民主黨亞太裔黨團主席李天然 (Clark Lee) 表示 ︰「民主黨是代表多元性,包容性和機會的政黨。雖然民主黨在幾十多年來外展加州多元化人口的能力高超過共和黨,我們並不滿足於已有的成就。因此,加州民主黨亞太裔黨團創設了全國第一有中文部分的加州民主黨網站。這是我們外展擁有最快增長移民人口的亞太裔社區的努力。」




民主黨網站中文翻譯計劃的主要成員包括社會活動家及前哈佛大學肯尼迪政府學院 (Harvard Kennedy School of Government) 亞太裔美國人政策檢討主編 (Asian American Policy Review Editor-in-Chief) 曾建瑋 (Tommy Tseng), 社會活動家和中文教師趙素秋 (Charity Chao),和加州民主黨亞太裔黨團主席李天然。所有的人都會講流利的中文。

探訪加州民主黨中文部分,請點擊這裡: http://www.cadem.org/chinesePosted in Latest News | Comments Off

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