This week, Asian Journal ran a story on California GOP’s brand-neweffort to reach the Asian American community – so new, they actually generated news stories because it’s previously unheard of.

While the out-of-touch Republicans finally realized that they are out-of-touch with California’s Asian Pacific Islander Americans, I am proud to say that standing up for the API community is nothing new for our Party. It is our Party.

There’s a reason why nearly all of the API elected officials in higher offices are Democrats. There’s a reason why API Democrats outnumber API Republicans in registration in California. That’s because the Democratic Party has always been the Party of diversity at the forefront of fighting for the API community.

Desperate Republicans can try showy gimmicks to generate stories in the news from time to time, but they’re no match the Democratic Party’s decades of advocacy for and grassroots activism in this community.

This Saturday, let’s do what we do best and continue our tradition of activism: join us for our Statewide Mobilization Day to help elect API candidates to local offices!

We need your help in Northern California to re-elect David Lim to the San Mateo City Council. In Southern California, we need your help to elect Melissa Ramoso to the Artesia City Council. Please see below or click here for more information. You can also help us spread the word on Facebook by clicking here to visit our Facebook page.

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday – and bring a friend!

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