Can you believe this?

Just as the Republicans patted themselves on the back for electing a diverse freshman class to the State Legislature last November, they went right back to their Good-Ol’-Pal-selves by openly mocking one of their own: GOP AAPI freshman Assembly Member Ling-Ling Chang (AD 55).

On the Assembly Floor, no less.

And it’s all captured on the official State Assembly video. Here are the highlights:

After Asm. Chang presented her bill during a recent Assembly Floor Session, GOP Asm. Donald Wagner (AD 68) “commended” Asm. Chang for her “gumption” in introducing a bill on her own.

Then came GOP Asm. Eric Linder (AD 60), who asked, “Ling-Ling, did you forget your bling-bling?”

All the while, Asm. Chang stood there and took the jabs. She even dismissed the episode in a Facebook post, saying, “It’s all in fun.”

Evidently, the California Republicans’ embrace for diversity was short-lived, as the GOP legislators took no time in reverting back to their business-as-usual mode, with apparent lack of respect and sensitivity, even for one of their own.

I don’t know about you, but while I don’t mind the Republicans keep shooting themselves in the foot, this type of disturbing insensitivity has no place in the State Legislature or anywhere in the Golden State.

– Clark
Clark Lee
State Chair, Asian Pacific Islander Caucus
California Democratic Party

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