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The first Democratic Presidential Debate showed many contrasts between the Democratic candidates and the Republican candidates.

Most importantly, we have five exceptional candidates and public servants who are running for President to keep moving America forward, while the Republican candidates are competing to be the next Racist-in-Chief.

Here is the latest: During the #DemDebate, former GOP Governor Mike Huckabee just became fully racially-charged against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPI) with his racially derogatory tweet (see below). This xenophobic message speaks for itself. The staggering number of racially insensitive remarks from the cast of GOP clowns now officially qualifies the GOP as the “Grand Offensive Party.”


One thing we can all agree on is: we need a Democrat in the White House if we want to keep America on the right track – a more vibrant economy, a stronger middle class, a more robust healthcare system, a more affordable higher education, a celebrated diversity, and a brighter future.

We cannot afford a repeat of the Bush-era GOP disaster that will roll back the progress we have made under President Obama. Most importantly, America cannot have a President who does not understand racial dynamics and does not know how to cherish the diversity that is the strength of America.

That’s why we ask you to join us and take the WE AGREE 2016 Pledge: sign the pledge to ensure Democratic victory in 2016 and continue the Democratic leadership that is good for the country, for families, and for our communities.

Lastly, we ask you to join the CADEM Asian Pacific Islander Caucus membership to help beat back the Grand Offensive Party and get out the critical AAPI vote for a Democratic victory in 2016!

We might not have had a candidate giving high-fives during our Debate, but our five outstanding Democratic candidates are the high fives that would be better than any GOP candidate as President, any day.

Victory 2016,

Clark Lee
State Chair, Asian Pacific Islander Caucus
California Democratic Party

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