Ben Chin for Mayor – Lewiston, Maine
Click Here to Help Elect Ben Chin

On December 8, 2015, Lewiston, Maine will hold one of the most-watched municipal elections in the country.

Ben Chin, a 30-year-old, third-generation Chinese American, and the Democratic Party’s candidate, is running for Mayor in a hotly contested runoff against a Republican incumbent. His campaign is courageous and inspiring.

Ben won the most votes during the primary on November 3rd. Now, he is facing off against a terrible Republican incumbent who has made national news by telling Somali immigrants to “leave your culture at the door” and threatening to publish the names and addresses of people receiving public assistance. If Ben wins the runoff on December 8th, it will be a major change for Lewiston.

The campaign is all-hands-on-deck getting supporters to vote early before the December 3rd early voting deadline. That’s why Ben needs our help. Please click here to sign up to make calls from home for Ben Chin. (Note: Time frames on the sign-up are Eastern Time)

Ben has gone up against racist attacks that made national news and religious attacks on his Christianity. He’s responded every step of the way with grit and grace, and he’s never backed down from his values.

Ben Chin’s election will help set a new standard for running on progressive values, rising above attacks, and bringing people together in Maine.

Let’s lend a hand (or phone) to help elect the Democratic Party’s choice for Lewiston Mayor in Maine. Let’s help Ben and the Maine Democrats make history.

Every phone call you make and every voter you reach will be the margin of victory. Click here to sign up and help make calls for Ben today.

Click here to visit the Ben Chin for Mayor website.

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