Message from the State Chair

Dear Fellow Democrats:

The 2020 Primary Election is just around the corner! Presidential candidates and/or their teams will be in our home state this weekend until Super Tuesday (check out our Presidential Democratic Candidates Corner below). We will be tracking our API endorsed candidates throughout 2020 with a final list to be released after the General Election. Please keep in mind all of the APIs that have stepped up to run and represent their communities whether it is at the federal, state, local and Democratic Central Committee levels. Our representation matters!
Soon after the election, the California Democratic Party will be hosting its Executive Board Meeting in Visalia, CA! This will be the first time in the Party’s history that we will be heading to the Central Valley! Check out our agenda here.
For our meeting, we are excited to invite our local Hmong Democratic leaders to speak. We will also host an open discussion regarding the 2020 Elections and our current political state. So don’t miss out!
Thank you on behalf of the entire Executive Board for your dedicated efforts to Get Out The Vote, be involved or simply be informed. We certainly all want what’s best for our Party and our community!

Democratically yours,

Melissa Ramoso
State Chair, Asian Pacific Islander Caucus
California Democratic Party
and the Executive Board

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