Fellow Democrats:

“The California Democratic Party Asian Pacific Islander (API) Caucus is proud to join all Americans in celebrating API Heritage Month and embracing the diversity of our communities. However, we note that this year’s Heritage Month observances come at a time where the fastest growing immigrant population in America is facing the grim reality of increased incidences of hate crimes. We all must work to combat xenophobia in our communities.”

“API Heritage Month typically marks the celebration of the critical contributions APIs have made in weaving the fabric of modern America for more than a century and a half. The rich and complex history of the Asian Pacific Islander community is the story of America.”

“This API Heritage month we call on all people of all backgrounds to stand up against all forms of hate, prejudice, and racism.”

“In celebration of our rich history, we are highlighting the trailblazing leaders in the nation, California, and the Democratic Party that are fighting every day against hate and intolerance. The strength of this community lies in its unique and vibrant diversity. As we continue our achievements and progress, we must embrace our legacy, cherish our diversity, and continue to fight together as we work to strengthen our nation.”

The California Democratic Party Asian Pacific Islander Caucus Executive Board has continued to meet by phone every month to discuss these issues of importance. We praise the work of Asian Pacific Policy & Planning Council, Chinese for Affirmative Action, and San Francisco State University’s Asian American Studies Center for their tremendous work with their STOP AAPI HATE national campaign. We also recognize the tremendous contributions of HollaBack! and Asian Americans Advancing Justice in providing tremendous amounts of bystander intervention training and resources. 

If you or anyone you know has experienced a hate crime because of the crisis, please report it at the link above. From this data, we can formulate a plan of action on how to address these crimes and future policies to help us.

In Solidarity,

California Democratic Party 

Asian Pacific Islander Caucus

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