The California Democratic Party Asian Pacific Islander Caucus Executive Board Elections are upon us. Join us in electing the 2021-23 California Democratic Party Asian Pacific Islander Caucus Executive Board.

Per the API Caucus Bylaws, interested candidates must submit their intent to run to the State Secretary, Aref Aziz, 30 days before our meeting date. Make sure to submit by March 30, 2021, to ensure you meet this deadline.

Eligible voters include all Full Members in good standing who have been members 30 days before the official meeting.

Check back in on this page for an updated list of candidates (Last Updated 4.10.21)

Candidates List

State Chair: Deepa Sharma Received 3/25
Vice Chair: Adam Ma State Received 3/15
State Treasurer: Shawn Kumagai Received 3/24
State Communications Secretary: Alfred Twu Received 3/23
State Recording Secretary: Jessica Caloza Received 3/15
Legislative Director: Olivia Lee Received 3/9
Parliamentary Chair: Aref Aziz Received 3/28
Northern CA Chair: Harris Mojadedi Received 3/23
Northern CA Vice Chair: Emily Ramos Received 3/21
Central Valley Vice Chair: Rachel Hernandez Received 3/28
Northern CA Outreach Chair: Zahra Hajee Received 3/28
Northern CA Secretary: Shivam Patel Received 3/26
Southern CA Chair: Tammy Kim Received 3/25
Southern CA Vice Chair: Michael Milan Received 3/28
Southern CA Outreach Chair: Steve Kang Received 3/28
Southern CA Secretary: Vanndearlyn Vong Received 2/25

One thought on “Caucus Elections

  1. Aref, I enjoyed your Newsletter. It is really informative. Also the format is absolutely professional. It is effective in transmitting important messages that need to be heard. Thank you API Caucus.


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