The California Democratic Party Asian Pacific Islander (API) Caucus is proud to join communities across the nation in celebrating API Heritage Month. This time of year brings an opportunity to reflect on the diversity and resilience of our API communities in the United States. However, in the wake of increased xenophobic hate crimes and senseless violence against our community members, we grieve and renew our commitment to fighting for equity and justice for our most marginalized. 

Asian and Pacific Islander communities have a rich and complex history in the United States. Throughout American history, our communities have made vital contributions to the foundation of what our country is today. We have laid railroad tracks and worked the fields, have started businesses and made great advancements in science, technology, and the arts, have engaged in civic leadership and public service, and have been on the frontlines serving our communities throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite being otherized and marginalized, we are woven into the fabric of the American story and continue to make history as a strong and vibrant community. 

This past year has shed a painful light on the anti-Asian racism and hate that continues to pervade our communities. These attacks on API community members are not new, but have been exacerbated due to xenophobic rhetoric that has arisen during COVID-19. We are devastated by the lives lost and harmed by violence towards our community. And we stand in strong solidarity with Black and Brown communities that have also been the targets of brutality and hate. 

It is this spirit of unity we carry in our hearts through API Heritage Month. We are immensely grateful for the solidarity that communities across the nation have shown to stop API hate, and we have witnessed the power we build in rising together. As we celebrate the role that the API community has played in the movement for justice, let us recommit ourselves in our fight towards a better California for all. 

In Solidarity,

California Democratic Party 

Asian Pacific Islander Caucus

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