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At our meeting, we received information the signed Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill and the pending Build Back Better Bill (courtesy of Legislative Director Olivia Lee). Learn more about what the funding and benefits for California here:
Infrastructure Bill – Road and bridge repair – Climate change mitigation & resilience – Transit, bike, and pedestrian funding – Electric Vehicle charging network – Broadband investment, including subsidies for low income families
Build Back Better Bill – Access to affordable childcare – Universal preschool for 3 & 4 year olds – Union jobs to cut greenhouse gas emissions in half – Increased Pell Grants for college students – Job training for IT, public health, childcare, manufacturing, and clean energy – Expanding free school meals & funding for food during summer break – Rental assistance and funding to build & renovate affordable housing – Closing the Medicaid coverage gap – Expanding long-term care – Lower taxes for families
Learn More about the California API Equity Budget CA State Senator Dr. Richard Pan highlighted California’s API Equity Budget: – $110 million to support survivors of anti-Asian hate crimes / prevention of hate crimes. – $10 million for data equity – making sure there is disaggregated data for each ethnicity – $10 million for ethnic media – Funding for peer social networks to stop bullying – & more! Learn how organizations can apply for funds at
Los Gatos Mayor Marico Sayoc and Irvine Vice Mayor Tammy Kim spoke on hate directed towards AAPI elected officials at public meetings, and the importance of support from leaders when others fail to stand up to increasing hate.
They described that “there’s an intersection between racism and misogyny, where people at public meetings feel more bold to say hateful things towards AAPI women in elected office.”
On how we can support candidates facing hate: “There’s an idea that ignoring it makes it go away, but that hasn’t been the case.” It’s important for the community to speak up when it happens, and media coverage has also helped. 
The API Caucus encourages Central Committees and Democratic clubs to speak out, pass resolutions, and support officials and candidates facing hate. 
City of Irvine Vice Mayor Tammy Kim is interviewed about her response to a racist attack she faced during a council meeting in a Guardian piece, ‘I am an American’: how a city official stood firm against an anti-Asian attack (November 13, 2021)
California Democratic Party Passes Resolution Supporting and Welcoming Afghan Refugees
Special thanks to our NorCal Chair Harris Mojadedi, Alex Melendrez, and Chair Deepa Sharma, who co-authored Resolution 21-11.010, Supporting and Welcoming Afghan Refugees

WHEREAS the recent takeover of the Afghan government by the Taliban has created a humanitarian crisis, leading to deteriorating human rights conditions, reducing safety of vulnerable individuals, including, but not limited to: women and girls; members of the LGBTQ+ community; those who have direct ties to the U.S. government; members of ethnic minority communities; those who are Shi’a Muslim; adherents of non-Muslim faiths, including those of Sikh and Hindu faiths; and individuals who work for or have ties to aid organizations; and

WHEREAS the U.S. federal government evacuated nearly 130,000 people out of Afghanistan, with tens of thousands of these evacuees slated to be resettled in the United States, and as a result, federal, state, and local leaders have the unique responsibility to openly accept Afghan refugees in our communities, assisting in the successful resettlement of vulnerable groups, providing support to organizations with missions centering service delivery to the Afghan community, and showing support for the Afghan community during this difficult time; and

WHEREAS refugees and their families face a multitude of challenges when arriving in the United States, including, but not limited to: resettlement, language barriers, financial hardship, finding work and obtaining permanent legal status, and California is uniquely positioned to accept Afghan refugees because it is the home of the largest concentration of Afghans in the United States; and

that the California Democratic Party supports welcoming Afghans into our communities and providing these individuals resources and support to successfully resettle in the United States, and commends community organizations working to support refugees; and

THEREFORE, BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the California Democratic Party affirms and recognizes the contributions of immigrants to California, and the unique contributions of the Afghan community in particular, and welcomes Afghan families to achieve their inherent right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Full List of Co-Sponsors: CDP API Caucus; Democratic Party of Orange County; Speaker Nancy Pelosi; U.S. Sen. Alex Padilla; Controller Betty Yee; Treasurer Fiona Ma, CPA; Rep. Barbara Lee; Rep. Ro Khanna, Rep. Anna Eshoo, Rep. Eric Swalwell, Rep. Judy Chu; Rep. Zoe Lofgren; Rep. Mark DeSaulnier; Sen. Dr. Richard Pan; Asm. Alex Lee; Asm. Rebecca Bauer Kahan; Mayor Farrah Khan (AD68); Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen (AD9); Vice Mayor Shawn Kumagai (AD16); Harini Krishnan (AD22); Michael Milan (AD 42); Alfred Twu (AD15); Adam Ma (AD66); Emily Ann Ramos (AD24); Tonya Love (AD18); Lindsay Carlson (AD54); Zach Denney (AD13); Allyssa Victory (AD18); Brandon Harami (AD19); Mejgan Afshan (AD 79); Susan George (AD14); Zahra Hajee (AD19); Donald Lathbury (AD15); Nadia Rahman (AD19); Cynthia Wang (AD19); Thea Selby (AD17); Vanndearlyn Vong (AD70); Marcos Aranda (AD17); Joe Rose (AD 59); Igor Tregub (AD15); Laurence Zakson (AD50); Karishma Khatri (AD20); Andy Kelley (AD 15); Carolyn “Jiyoung” Park (AD 51); Melissa Shuen-Mallory (AD20); David Atkins (AD37); Lance Kwan (AD20); Nabil Kherfan (AD23); Gladys Soto (AD17); Susan Rowe (AD5); Karina Dominguez (AD25); Wendy Bloom (AD15); Iyad Afalqa (AD74); Nima Rahimi (AD17); Mike Chen (AD17); Chelsea Kelly-Reif (AD7); Susan Sheu (AD50), Jason Small (AD45); Michelle Verne (AD45); Olivia Lee (AD55); Lisa Andres (AD67); Kristy Boer (AD 20); Sascha Bittner (AD19); Ashley Lopez (AD36); Murad Sarama (AD07); Sally Lieber (AD24); Christine Pelosi (AD17); Patty Tutor (AD65); Lauren Johnson-Norris (AD74); Eugene Fields (AD68); Molly Muro (AD55); Ken Wyant (AD68); Ajay Mohan (AD68); Sharky Laguana (AD17); Susan Gutowsky (AD6); Leah Herzberg (AD45); Linda Dewlaney (AD20); Sara Roos (AD54); Maliha Williamson (AD67)

For a list of all 8 resolutions adopted by the party this weekend, please see pages 9-13 of
California Democratic Party Honors the Transgender Day of Remembrance As part of the Fall 2021 Executive Board Conference, the California Democratic Party held a panel discussion with transgender leaders from around the country on how to organize for trans rights, especially for young people states with anti-trans legislation. A recap, including links to reports and resources, is available here.
Participate in State and Local Redistricting Efforts The redistricting process for State Assembly, State Senate, and Congress is wrapping up in the next few months, with the first draft maps scheduled for release in November.

Draft Maps are now available at
There are many ways to give comment, include written comment or calling into a hearing.
Local redistricting for city council districts is also in progress in many cities, check your city website on how to participate.
California Attorney General Rob Bonta in the news on protecting communities affected by pollution California has a new battle plan against environmental injustice. The nation is watching (November 18, 2021)
Save the Date: March 3-6, 2022: California Democratic Party Convention in Downtown Los Angeles Vaccination and testing will be required for people attending in person. Tentative agenda on pages 7 & 8 here:

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