CDP API Caucus Convention Meeting Friday March 4 , 5-7pm.  A Discussion on Land Use, Housing, and how it impacts AAPI Communities.  
Featuring Rashi Kesarwani, Shawn Kumagai, Alex Lee, Alfred Twu

Panel Discussion: Housing, Land Use, and the AAPI Community

The 2022 CA Dem State Convention will be online. Our Caucus will meet on Friday, March 4, from 5 to 7pm on Zoom.


I. Call to Order | Welcome

II. Approval of Agenda

III. Elected Officer Reports

a. State Chair Report – Deepa Sharma

b. State Vice Chair – Adam Ma

c. State Communications Secretary – Alfred Twu

d. State Recording Secretary – Jessica Caloza

e. State Treasurer – Deepa Sharma for Shawn Kumagai

f. State Legislative Director – Deepa Sharma for Olivia Lee

g. State Parliamentary Chair – Aref Aziz

h. Northern California Regional Report – Northern Chair Harris Mojadedi

i. Southern California Regional Report – Southern Chair Tammy Kim

IV. Panel Discussion:  Land Use, Housing, and How it impacts AAPI communities    


  • Alex Lee, California State Assemblymember
  • Rashi Kesarwani, Berkeley City Councilmember 
  • Shawn Kumagai, Dublin Councilmember
  • Alfred Twu, Berkeley Planning Commissioner 
  • Discussion Facilitator: Deepa Sharma, CDP API Caucus Chair

V. Speakers/Announcements

VI. Adjournment

Please register here:

We may have time at the end of the meeting for announcements. To sign up to speak, please fill out this form.

More information on other events during Convention (March 4-6) are available at: The schedule can be viewed here.

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