Communications Secretary Alfred Twu


Alfred Twu portrait

Alfred Twu is an architect and artist in Berkeley, and is also involved in politics around housing and tenant issues, transportation policy, and environmental issues. Every year, they produce infographics explaining state housing legislation, ballot measures, and design campaign and organization logos. In addition to managing the Asian Pacific Islander Caucus website, social media, and newsletter, Alfred also serves on the board of the California Democratic Renters Council, the Berkeley Planning Commission, and the Berkeley Landmarks Preservation Commission.

In 2019, Alfred was president of the East Bay Young Democrats and today continues to work with students and other young Californians interested in running for public office or party leadership. They have also served on the California Democratic Party’s Affirmative Action Committee from 2019-2021. In their free time, Alfred enjoys visiting and learning about the history and land use policies of midsize California cities.